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The Crank Lu'Kongo collective features a variety of well-established musicians in indie and world music genres, including co-producers and contributing artists David Blackwell (guitar, bass, keys, vocals) and Charles Road. Keith "Lazy K" Lofton (guitar, bass, keys, vocals). Other Musical contributors include, Andre LaSalle (guitar), Brian Clark (percussion), Desi Hyson (keys), Donald Tillery (trumpet), Frankie Addison (saxophone), Georges Koakou (keys), I'la Vibez (vocals), Izabella Sparrow (vocals), Junior Marvin (lead guitar), Kelvin Montgomery (trombone), Mighty Moe Haggins (congas), Nala Shabam (keys), Phillipe Lemaire (keys), Ron Winters (guitar), Samadhi (vocals), Tuff Lion (guitar, vocals, bass, percussion, keys), and Warren Pedersen (bass).


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